Sunday, August 16, 2009

karaj amikoj ,

bonvenon al mia blogo

mi estas niru.mi volas dividi iuj miaj sentoj tra ĉi tiu blogo. lastatempe mi estas lernanta esperanto.tiu lingvo estas vere mallonga, amuzo kaj facile learni. iranta al esperanto klaso estas vere amuzo. ni estas totala ok homoj kaj fariĝis tre bonajn amikojn sen konsidero de aĝo kaj profesio. horo en la esperanto klaso labor vere almetis novan spicon em mia vivo.ĝi vere provizita kvaliton renkontiĝon kun mirindaj homoj kiel Anilo, Nabindro, govindo, kailaĉho, reeno,sarmlo kaj ankaŭ

nia insruisto s-ro Razen Manandhar estas pli kiel frato kaj amiko al ni. Li estas tre speco kaj viro de pasio kaj sindediĉo kiuj estas ĉiame inspiranta kaj tiranta ni far pli bone ĉiu tago.

kune ni ĉiuj estas teamo esperanto.mi vere admire tiel vi ĉiuj inspir kaj la entuziasmo kaj spirito vi montro kaj kunport aliaj

However i appear to others,watever is painted on my face ,em just me to myself n i love ME.Its gonna be a place where i'll write some thoughts,some stories,some of myself...,The way i see the way of life. It is all about my views, my way of saying, my spirit, my fire, my love and the freedom of being myself...

Al Nagarkot, rajdante sur motorcikloj kun esp.amikoj

New people, new language and a new group bonded with trust and harmony was filling my life with a new energy, positivity and enthusiasm. Had I never imagined before that I'll meet such a wonderful people truly having 'Down to earth ' kind of personality ..all rock!!!Happy to have u all as a team Esperanto .counting my blessings!!!!!!
A trip to Nagarkot is something which I'll cherish for lifetime. The beautiful sceneries, natural carpeted land and a refreshing and romantic cool weather wouldn't get worth without u all…

And, ya !how could I forget that way ,up to the anil dai's tent! Narrow muddy and steep way, up and down, fear of leech and other insects really did fill our journey with adventure, excitement, fun, fear and finally a contempt soul. The tents were amazingly well organized and good place for holidaying. Thumbs up frato!!
Well, this trip showcased some talents too…..undoubtedly kailash can be a good folk singer…Nabindra dai dances well'jhoom barabar jhoom' hehehe , Anil dai rocks in whatever he does n ya Razen sir ;did you hear?rina too spoke!!!

Big thanks to two photographers for capturingthose moments forever.Alta!!!i know ur cleverness....your 'bheja' really works yaar!

oh!The story can never be complete if i forget to mention about'juka aatanka'.It was my first experience of leech bite.i was really terrified to see 6-7 leeches voraciously sucking on my feet.oh gosh! wat a movement they had.Anyways its a bitterly sweet experience.

Everybody was shouting 'malrapide' 'malrapide' behind me and Anilo.But actually guys jukas encouraged us to move rapidly as i was desperately waiting to put off my shoes and throw d hiding leeches .Anil dai and rina too had juks on their feet.

At the end of day, it was a heavenly experience for all of us and .don know i'll ever get such oppurtunity or not n we don know wats in our em eagerly looking forward for another one......

till then bonan....hahaha,gxis ...bye!!!!!

The three muskeeters!!!!!

All set to move ahead after d short break..

The valedictory day
22nd august , I was so much in hurry that I even didn't see that a nail aside my door teared the pocket of my baggy pant coz I promised to be at 1o'clock at SCC and I was already an hour late. I was excited about today's programme, an Esperanto printed t-shirt n the short speech I had made .thankfully Anil dai didn't make much harder comment on it but I haven't lived up to my own expectation coz I only turned few lines to sound form hehehe. The T-shirt was quite big to

my o size body …hehehe but still the print was really nice n large enough to hide my teared pocket.
The programme started with welcome speech by our teacher Mr Razen Manandhar followed by short speeches from all of us. Anil dai really made us proud by speaking the best way.Then we received the certificate for completing the course by Hon.Guest Mr Shree Prasad Shrestha.we are greatful to nabindra dai for his works . I felt like this is the beginning of new chapter .then we n our guests had little bit of 'petpuja'.

The best part of todays programme is the experiences shared by Mr.Shree Prasad Shrestha in response to question by alta pasero .It was really a worthy one. And we really had a good time listening to senior photographer Min Bajracharyas interesting guffs. And I think todays style icon too is Mr Min Bajracharya , his style of noting the Esperanto words n taking that note out of pocket to use, was really stylish.

Time passes so fast. It was just like yesterday we were at class unknown to eachother n today we r here to declare the end of it. Yesterday we were an individuals and today we r a team. As I entered our class room I become quite nostalgic for a moment n then we had a group photograph which will be a good memo. Its definitely the end of certain country race but not the RACE. We still have many roads to run a race so, this is not the end but the beginning as ,only Night can bring a new day . we are on the verge to a new dawn.

On Relationship
Relationships-of all kinds-are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely , with an open hand , the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on ,the sand trickles through your fingers. you may hold on to some of it ,but most will be spilled.A relationship is like that.Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold it tightly, too possessively; and the relationship slips away and is lost. ..


hodiaŭ mi decidita min ke mi loĝis en la ĝangalo sufiĉe longe! mi estis pens al elpren herboj ĉirkaŭ mia domo ekde malmultaj monatoj . mi faris proksimume duono kaj la ĝardenisto venis... mi estis tre kolera vidi lin ĉar mi estis invitanta lin sed li ne vizitis por longe. kaj li diris-aj! vi estas faranta mia laboro?! kun ridet vizaĝo..... tiu malantaŭ li faris la laboro ;sed mi estis ne feliĉe pagi mono al lin ĉar li sole faris duonon laboron.tamen mia ĝardeno estas purigita !!!



Razeno said...

Mi tre gxojas viziti vian blogon. Via unua pasxo estis suficxe bona. Mi deziras al vi sukceson.

Via blgo en la angla anakux estis egale intersa. Mi gxuis gxin. Estis ege "hilarious"!

Mi atendas vian alian blogon.

Razeno said...

Bona blogo! Gratulon! Mi atendas novan enmetajxon. Baldaux!!

Silvia Wakefield said...

As simple as it looks, it does seem to totally sum up varieties passing very quickly. Without a doubt this is the coolest blog I have ever visited.

Great job!!!

niru said...

kara instruisto!
dankon por via dolĉa kaj esperiga rimarko!

sarmilino said...

skribu !skribu en esperanto kaj mi skribos baldauen esperanton en mia blogon.

Anonymous said...
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shobha said...

Hi dear, It is really nice to read ur blog and it seems that you are having good time with group and enjotying new language , good keep continue :)

shobha said...

Hi dear it is really nice to read ur blog, i love to read ur writing and it seems that you hare having good time with group and enjoying new language , good :) keep continue

Blanka Meduzo said...

El Japanio!

Mi vizitos fojfoje vian blogejon!