Wednesday, September 23, 2009

em back…. ok ,we were leaving itahari rt? ya …
Then we reached Dharan and there we decided to go hile on micro thinking it will take us faster than other buses. But ,sadly, our expectations flew away high in the air like kites blown in Dashain!!! as we waited restlessly being hot and I felt like we were potatoes being toasted there….the uneasy was that they were piling their autocracy on people and our condition ….like thiefs being handcuffed and mouth sealed. just could roll two eyes and play 'Dohori' with self. Seeing their attitudes and different kind of people there I remembered the quote'Santan thari thari ka' .They were treating people like they meant to move with their remote control. They were telling passengers to move here and there to manage more and more people.I was shocked indeed and I thought em much more blessed in my KATHMANDU. However it is … its my Den , my Heaven.
I too moved backseat with Anil dai, Nabindra dai , Razen dai and Kailash. It was really conjusted, nevertheless Altu was in continuous try to comfort me . Before us was a handsome looking "dharane thiti".She was quite heavy weighted,heavily henna coloured hair and rough spoken one .. who contributed adding seasoning in our boring dish by giving sight to "Alta" and "yuna frato" and some ore….to YF..hehehe he,,,,Anyways,The dark sky And cool atmosphere of hile welcomed us nicely as we got good place to spend night there. Small, cute cozy and clean room was much better than a luxurious Bunglow. We girls tasted "tumba" while others drank, except good boy "Kailash"
well, my dear brothers were having serious talks ,I musn't lie here-I was feeling damn sleepy as if a cat after a long walk got the soft blanket to sleep…Later on two girls told me that they were too feeling same.hahahah Next morning sarmilu perfectly captured the beautiful sunrise. Having hot hot tea we left Hile being contempt. We roamed Hile bazaar ,bought "Vede Khursani" as a souverigner of Hile . Anil was was excited about "Vede khursani".As we hush! our stomach with "PURI tarkari,phulaura,and black tea ,,,,we changed our plan from Vedetar to Chainpur coz all agreed that we can go Vedetar at any time but "Chainpur" ..-its like NOW OR Never. So we blindly headed toward Chainpur.

We had a little break at Basantapur where we bought a special Local alcohol made of Rhododendron (we call GURANS hai). It was Really tasty and light also.we also had MO;MO cha and pork meat(though I was not supposed to eat ,,hehe)
The way to Chainpur was muddy and very Risky.For a single moment I felt the thunder storm inside me!.I went cold and almost stiff…!!.Then we got off near Piluwa river and took a short cut way through Piluwa bridge to catch a jeep to Chainpur….
catching jeep to chainpur...