Monday, September 21, 2009

yo hile ko ho hai hehehe...

uhun uhun...both bg on me is skectching me and another seeing my sketch.
Adding yet another pictures-"Itahari to Chainpur"in my memory album!!!!!!!

As if the fairy rolled the magic stick, my wish was about to fulfill as we were all set to move in yet another trip to Itahari, Dharan Dhankuta and Bhedetar.This one is even special coz somewhere I was in doubt about going….and finally I got a space to fill which I wanted to fill with bright colours of happiness and rosy touch ups.

Like a running horse we moved to kalanki as soon as I answered desperate calls by kailash and Razen sir. With a nice comment from Navinbra dai 'kati gala raato pareko' and confirmation by kailash ' a aalughadi ta haina raicha' we get in to the bus. Almost 45 minutes wait inside the bus had a lot to show us. The street venders tried selling Watches,'khuwa','titaura',water and even the sprays in their own marketing styles. Neverthless, we bought very little stuffs from them but somewhere that scene made me think of what disaster the political instability has brought.
Then soon.the yummy"Makai" and chips made my mouth tasty and enjoyed hide and sick with 'kailash ko camera'.
Then I had to stay with a women who was quite misled by Dogma coz she was not ready to sit
aside a men….I could read her mind and fear –that smwhere in middle of journey I may left and she again will have to sit beside a man hehehe….as she asked me in her solemn voice "Where r u going?". ITAHARI-My answer blew away all her Goosebumps and soon she turned in to utterly butterly butterfly.She told me that she is too going there with a much satisfied kinda smile.Till the clouds were ready to curtain the sun, The journey was passing quietly at least for meh with that women by my side.

Then after Kailash moved forward to us saying that sarmili slept and he doesn't want to.Poor Kailash passed quite a long way standing as the women was not ready to move backseat.But this no longer bothered her as she was asked to sit with a girl… So, what else ;Then the funny funny talks started. like we say 'Old is gold', the old memories of Nabindra dai and Anil dai was really interesting to listen But not to forget 'New is Diamond' We shared many new things.
Sometime struggles are exactly what we need to make a simple day brighter, we really did struggle for a fresh air when a truck loaded with a raw leather was making us follow with suffocating and yet laugh generating smell…All are adding their kind of instinct to that smell sarmilu and others were smelling like stinging shocks re.. while I was smelling like dead mice.. n now when I look back I think it won't have been interesting and fun journey without that…Everybody felt a victory as we left that truck behind and took a long breathe as if we got a victory over a ghost hahahah….
We crossed Biratnagar, Sunsari,IInarwa and also the koshi bridge in our way . My heart poundered Reaching Koshi bridge.As bigger the koshi appears even bigger the disaster it created and biggest is the weeping hearts of people over there who r not getting anything except the donated aid foods. In fact I must say "The Manmade Disasters"How much we are piled up by the narrow boundaries of dreary sand of desert habits. We are not ready to leave a single grain for needy ones ,instead we try storing them for the future references.
It was little cold there n I wore my jacket to make me warm n comfort which I removed soon as I landed in Itahari .For ITahari I've got three words Hot Hot and HOTly nice. This time I really had a painful and restless time there. I remembered greenday guys n their song –Drain the pressures frm the swellings,the sensation overwhelming ,bid me along kiss goodnight and everything will be alright ..tell me that I won't feel a thing and give me Novacaine……oh smbody give me Novacaine heheheh but soon after sitting n making myself warm in shed (funny hai?)quite relieved my pain . Then we were invited to saptakoshi F.M and met Esperanto grop there .i was happy to bid good bye to itahari as I was dreaming of cold weather of Bhedetar.As we get on the bus to Dharan Kailash had a naughtily sweet time with wonderful n outspoken girls.hehehe. To be continued.............