Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter days n news from Nepal

As Winter is tightening its icy grip in oslo,temperature reached to -14,not a big matter to a local norwegian but but offcourse its a strange and eye widening fact for somebody like me as it is not common in kathmandu.. though has experienced in london and used to it.Just clicked a news about life hit hard in eastern region with hilly districts witnessing snow fall and terai batteling cold wave and thick fog .The news said-Most of northern mountains are blanketted by snow and drizzle,and frost are adding to local woes in terai.
The mercury has drastically dipped affecting normal life as people are chilled to the marrow.Many suffered common cold,Pneumonia and rheumatism and many died. Yes many Died,just because of cold.
What can be a heart rendering fact than this….that many people died of Cold. Offcourse natural calamities are not preventable and it is certainly not volcanic eruption or hurricane so at least we can try take precautions.offcourse there may have been some kind of signs or weather forcast about the possible critical situation on the way.What is the use of that information which can not be applied to prevent or reduce the devastation which we are aware of…. I wonder!!?? What have been weather forcast and peoples welfare section of government doing?
Despite of chilling weather in oslo,people can continue normal life,as they have good preparation to cold,heating system to insulate against it and other necessary things to secure their lives.well it will be silly comparing Nepal to Norway as we know it is really rich and can afford anything .it produces enegy from waste products to operate heating systems and it definitely cost huge amount.yes ,we definitely cannot do like this,,, but our government can at least do preinform people about the coming situation,change ,ways to prevent cold or can donate warm clothes to poorest areas.but no,!!!!our government rather delights announcing to spend 23 crores in promoting ‘Visit Nepal’ but not in issues like this.And it’s a pitiest fact of our country.
Well ,if to think individually…..what can I do for them? it is not easy doing than talking and pinpointing sitting cozily being warm.why not we start sharing information on these matters to those places,why not donate our old sweaters as cold prepares to knock…as I know many of us keep them just to show our wardrobe full n chunk ,even we no longer are using them.
I saw many of frens in facebook,shared snowy pictures with happy gestures as is always fun to experience new things or so called*first experience.many suggested to visit there and enjoy snow but we should not ignore the bitter face of this,let us not forget many have lost their lives,their crops are severely destroyed and will be foodless for long…due to same snow which is also fun to look at n touch to. Hope we will be prepared in future to cope against such ‘extremities’. and will not let these changes change our lives adversely…….